Re: Why Europe is so Contrary

From: Douglas Brooker (
Date: Thu 21 Nov 2002 - 20:54:22 GMT

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    Vincent Campbell wrote:
    > >
    > What you're missing here Joe is that we're talking about political
    > opinions, and if these are memes then we're both engaging in them- you in a
    > heartfelt degree of patriotism, myself in an understandably more distanced
    > and cautious cynicism (understandable not because I'm right, but because I'm
    > sitting in a country a few thousand miles closer to the mid-east, and in a
    > country with a very different political history and culture to yours).
    > Vincent

    implied perhaps in all of this, is that just as there are prescriptive linguistics and descriptive linguistics, the thorough subjective identification that is being shown by some here, in the guise of patriotism, with the 'memes' that are supposed to be the object of study, there is prescriptive memetics and descriptive memetics. the division is not clearly stated, perhaps not recognised, in memetics (or at least this list) as it is not clearly recognised in my field, law.

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