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Date: Thu 21 Nov 2002 - 05:55:51 GMT

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    On Wednesday, November 20, 2002, at 11:49 , Jeremy Bradley wrote:

    > So I think that he heard it the way that we said
    > it alright, it's just that he had to think the syllables differently.

    My girlfriend is an israeli, and we have some difficulty speaking to each other, although she is well acclimated to english, but hebrew is her native language. Her sister's name has that peculiar to hebrew consonant that Hanukkah begins with, after a 'T' sound, and, to me, and to many other english speakers, we hear an 'r', so that I phonetically spell her sister's name as 'Tria', but she always looks at me sideways and asks how I could put an 'R' in there? Her own attempt to spell her sister's name in english produced 'Techia', but, truly, that is useless to approximate the sound using english phonemes, and I've told her that several times.

    At any rate- the ability to hear phonemes is tied inextricably to the way things are spelled, as you've shown us with the fried flies, and with hebrew, and chinese, not only are phonemes different, missing, or impossible to reproduce without intense training, but the characters of the writing itself are untransferable. It is a dauntless task, but I, for one, like to see as close a phonetic version as possible.

    - Wade

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