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From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Wed 20 Nov 2002 - 22:01:58 GMT

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    On Tuesday, November 19, 2002, at 06:53 , Virginia Bowen wrote:

    > Personally, I wouldn't mind going back to a time when we were not
    > constantly
    > assaulted with advertisements and "sayings" in every single cranny of
    > existence. Words and ideas being hurled at me like so many meme-bombs
    > to
    > the point where I dread leaving my house.

    This was an often and often-used staple of science-fiction, the most famous example being (at least to my memory) Dick's UBIK and many others, with a certain second place to most of Bradbury, but, really, almost all purveyors of imaginary futures lampooned advertising in some way.

    Does anyone else here remember a Bradbury story called, I think, The Murderer? about a man called (again, I think) Albert Brook, who hated the constant need for everyone around him to be talking to somebody or something on a cellphone?

    The world is just one long Burma-Shave mile these days.

    - Wade

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