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Date: Wed 20 Nov 2002 - 06:15:08 GMT

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    At 09:17 PM 19/11/02 -0800, you wrote:
    >We may have to pass the baton sooner than I thought.
    >This Is Your Computer on Brains
    >By Michelle Delio
    >02:00 AM Nov. 19, 2002 PT
    >The fastest supercomputers in the world are complete slackers compared with
    >the processing power of the human brain.
    >But that's about to change.
    Snip.............. Another good one Grant. However calculating speed, IMHO, does not equal intelligence. My brother has a great frizbe dog. It can calculate the speed, trajectory and external factors such as wind so as to catch the frizbe in mid air nearly every time, but is the dog 'intelligent'? A computer would have to be mindblowingly fast to calculate, from sensory input, and to perform such an action. Don't be too quick to pass the baton Grant as a universal definition of intelligence may be harder to arrive at than the one for meme Jeremy

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