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Date: Wed 20 Nov 2002 - 05:41:47 GMT

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    > I thought I'd read that in some of the AI experiments in Texas the
    > computers are beginning to "learn"...
    Most of them are at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico. They are programing these computers with an evolutionary algorithm restricted to a particular and circumscribed VR sector. It hasn't advanced much beyond Sim City.
    > And here's the other question - yes, the ideas are ORIGINALLY input by
    > humans - but they are no longer passed along by humans necessarily.
    > So do memes *care* if the medium is aware of the meme?
    Memes don't; not being self-aware, they don't care. But humans do care whether or not their ideas become available for others to judge. Perhaps the difference between a meme and an idea is whether it is a blindly assumed premise or whether it is a supportable conclusion.
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