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    The thing about computers is, they don't "care" about anything. That's something we'll have to teach them.


    >I thought I'd read that in some of the AI experiments in Texas the
    >are beginning to "learn"...
    >And here's the other question - yes, the ideas are ORIGINALLY input by
    >humans - but they are no longer passed along by humans necessarily. So do
    >memes *care* if the medium is aware of the meme?
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    > > As near as I can tell, computers only pass memes from humans to other
    > > humans. They pass the encoded message from computer to computer, but
    > > so far the computers don't get the message, they just pass it. Only
    > > humans understand it. The day the computer understands the message is
    > > the day we'd better get ready to pass the baton and let the new kid
    > > take over.
    > >
    >Not only do the computers not understand it, they also did not create it.
    >It was inputted to the computers by human interfacers. Wade is right
    >about this point; only when computers begin to demonstrate
    >authentically creative behavior can we begin to contemplate granting
    >that they might be experiencing self-aware states.

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