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Date: Tue 19 Nov 2002 - 20:48:01 GMT

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    > Well, since I've come out of lurking once in one week, I might as well
    > it twice..
    > Grant, have you read "The Lucifer Principle" by Howard Bloom? This is one
    > of the points of that book - that there's no point in "helping" as you
    > be hated regardless of your actions - your "tribe" is hated for being
    > off. Period.

    Hi there,

    I work with what I call ' the workable indifference ', I ' help ' but don 't care if they waste their ( my) money on weapons. The second time around I don 't even bother to answer the door ! This also stands for what is considered as solidarity. We can be solidair with everybody, but I don 't let it take me,... when a disaster has occured the people unvolved got my sympathy, but I don 't let it run free in my head....

    After 9 / 11 the US people got my sympathy, but I don 't allow that the facts run my life... America right now would be an impossible place for me to live in...



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