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    > > Many Globalizations is the one I was thinking of. What is your take on
    > > Culture Matters?
    > >
    > It's the book with the more illustrious slate of authors of the two
    > (including Fukuyama,Sachs, Inglehart, Edgerton and Landes). It
    > includes sections on Culture and Economic Development, culture and
    > Political Development, The Anthropological Debate, Culture and
    > Gender, Culture and American Minorities, The Asian Crisis, and
    > Promoting Change.
    > It's priced pretty reasonably, too.
    > I see nothing , however, to cause me to think that Huntington has
    > repudiated his earlier views. The best way I've found to reconcile him
    > with Fukuyama is to say that, in the short-to-mid-term, Huntington most
    > certainly applies, but in the long-term, Fukuyama will prove to ultimately
    > be correct.

    Joe, Lawrence,

    Just an addition,

    Huntington views, I don 't know in the US, but certainly in Europe are a little bit of target, so they say anyway ! The point that Huntington makes, that there is a clash of cultures is some- what rejected, because critics argue that what stands for the islamitic world is not A culture, what Saudi- Arabie stands for as a society is not the same as those of Indonisia, despite the fact underneath both runs Islam.

    For the same critics West- Europe and US are A culture, underneath both runs christianity, but in both cases society is quite the same.

    Although for me personal, that boils down to the fact, implies is a better choise of phrase, that those critics see our society as superior, afterall it is A culture ! We share in a way the same groundrules_ freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the principle of equality.

    The point is, in order to settle things straight with the islamitic world, must be apply what cultural relativism stands for or not !? Are we doomed to be " moral nihilists " ( not to argue our culture is better than the rest ( Islamitic)) and thus become cultural relativists !?


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