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Date: Mon 18 Nov 2002 - 10:57:26 GMT

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    >Yes, the problem do lie within us. It lies within the way we are creating
    >the 21st century and a global economy that reaches out to everyone on the
    >planet while they want to keep the world in the 14th century. We can't turn
    >back time and evolution just for them. I suspect most muslims would rather
    >participate in the new global culture but the people who control their
    >religion are threatened by it.

    Ah Grant I wanted to quit this strand, but you got me with this one. I have been wanting to discus the 'might-is-right meme' for a while but for some reason nobody wants to touch it. What we have here is a little example of it. Who wants a 'global economy' dominated by USAnian capital? You may 'suspect' Muslims would - but you won't know unless you ask them, and they won't be able to answer you because most of them wouldn't know what it means; I'm not too sure that I do. You and other RIGHT (not intimating correct here) minded people have assumed that you know what is best for others in the world on the basis of
    - well I don't know realy. You have no evidence that you are any more moral than the next person other than a bunch of your fellow USAnians agree with you. That does not make you RIGHT - and I do mean correct this time. Your nation touts democracy but vetos or bullies the majority of other nations in the UN so as to get 'outcomes beneficial to US interests'. You demand democracy of other nations but imposes globalisation without asking. You won't sign treaties on global justice, climate change, chemical and biological weapons (I'd like to see anyone try to get weapons inspectors into US stockpiles). Then there is the Marshal and Bikini Islanders and the previous residents of Diago Garcea, I wont go on but there is more of these disgusting atrocities and you know it so cut the high and mighty stuff! And the only justification for the US jugganaut is the MIGHT-IS-RIGHT meme. I just disagree with it, which doesn't make me bad, evil or wrong. Jeremy

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