Re: Why Europe is so Contrary

From: Alan Patrick (
Date: Mon 18 Nov 2002 - 05:48:38 GMT

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    > And it is not "spouting" to proffer a salient point (except for those
    > who have memetically-driven emotional reasons for filtering and/or
    > disputing it and thus essay a slander against it by using such an
    > unsavory-connotation-laden term to characterize it).

    OK, try an alternative memeset for size - maybe the UN (and some European countries) see the US as somewhat biased in its approach to who it props up in the Middle East at any one time, and are working towards a resolution, and are scared that in a situation of some delicacy the US will, via its bull-in-a-china-shop approach, unleash a very unpleasant situation, which will also hurt lots of other Euro-innocents who are much closer and more immediately reachable?


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