Cultural relativism

Date: Sun 17 Nov 2002 - 20:39:54 GMT

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    Absolute cultural relativism is a fatal contradiction in terms. Rather, cultures occupy niches in fitness landscapes, some more successful than others. Coercive cultures, that is, those that physically or mentally enslave their citizenry, are inferior to noncoercive cultures (Berlusconi had this right). Adherents of coercive cultures can comfortably exist in wider noncoercive cultures, so long as they do not attempt to impose their own culture's coercive dictums on the wider population at large. Coercive cultures, OTOH, cannot seem to tolerate the accommodation of the adherents of noncoercive cultural forms, even when they do not force their mores upon their neighbors. When A can contain B but B cannot contain A, then A is more adaptable, hence more fit, than B.

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