Re: Fw: virus: Joe Dees = death of the CoV

From: Andrew S. LORD(SED) (
Date: Sun 17 Nov 2002 - 16:53:59 GMT

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    It is disturbing (though probably inevitable) that the CoV would become infected by fundamentalist memes in spite of being a desgner NRM and a deliberate parody of organised religion. As such CoV is a metacomment to faith but it would appear that our Dr Sebby has become an adherant at a lower logical level. A "defender of the faith" that invokes immuno responses presumably acquired elsewhere.

    Perhaps the doctor and the pricess simply missed the point & irony of Virianism - however their actions would suggest that the actual and highly transparent purpose of the CoV is secondary to its persistence and defence. Zelotism, it would seem, is a very fit and adaptive memeplex irrelevant of which "faith" it infects.


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