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Date: Sun 17 Nov 2002 - 16:40:15 GMT

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    > Can you say more about what you mean in your last sentence?
    > people have not
    > the sufficient ( individual) mental strenght to comprehend what is
    > happening around them One reason for that, IMO is that we are
    > all raised in the realm of togetherness, collectiviness, groups...
    > that is a mistake we must correct !

    Like we already discussed Lawrence in that scheme of ours, I believe by lacking some adolescent memes/ -plexes I call my memes more
    ' mine ' ! I had, in a sense to construct them out of scratch, from the ground up, by trial and error. I lacked and I suppose I am still are lacking, some group- related plexes which I suppose lead to the acceptance of religious, social, cultural, political,... stances which in a certain stage of your later life make you think in certain ways.

    Like I did mention in my draft about my vesion of the Out of Africa stance, I believe that humans, like all organisms in nature in their own initial basics came into existence as singularities, or what Joe calls, less complex processes. As humans we are born with a kind of ego- crentism, thus IMO, as true and sane individuals, but society demands that we share, that we have compassion, show solidarity,. Our parents are raised that way, and many generations before them, individualism is bound to disappear but pops up in a later stage of life, but IMO then the harm, if I may call it like that, is already done.

    That holds not only water for you and me, but also for ideologies, technologies and political/ cultural/ social stances, the ' individuality ' of their bias is gone, we must re- invent it. What Heidegger wrote (translation ) " where danger is, lies also the solution" , isn 't true ! You can 't find a solution within a static stance of some memetic pool, if that pool is run within a collective stance in order to keep the whole in order. You need to create chaos, and thus to make people individuals holds within that promise. But and that is the tricky part, memeplexes will not be temped to change so fast and so drastically over night, you need to convince people of its necessity_ and unfortunate that can anly be done,
    ' collectivily '.... Your brain/ mind is condinoned along collective lineages, and that holds you back, moreover, each single aspect of society backs up the collective stance.

    Hope this helps,....


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