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Date: Sun 17 Nov 2002 - 16:13:27 GMT

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    > > No, it won't do. Regretfully, this is not a primary source. An actual
    > > transcript of the tape (like the one I just posted in an email to this
    > > list) would be.
    > >
    > > But let us look at the relevant part of it: 'calling' upon Americans
    > > to convert to Islam is a far cry from demand that they do so or face
    > > terrorist attacks. When a Christian minister called upon me to become
    > > reborn, he was not threatening me with death if I do not do so. And in
    > > your text there is nothing to this effect, either.

    Please guys, this is more and more becoming a thread of ' blaming the Muslims'. We have, like Lawrence asks, to determine each set of memes which make them bomb us and why we must retaliate.

    IMO, this boils down to what is included in what you can call the historical perspective of the two sides. Let me explain my view in an analogy, where in Russia of today people find new inspiration in the newborn religious upheavel, as like in Islam, underneath the US runs an Old- religion as its very basic of thinking. Where IMO thus Russia needs a Renaissance, so needs Islam. Where thus Russia needs/ lacks self- confindence, like Islam because it is under treat ( internal/ external) the US has to much !

    Those two memeplexes are confrontin' eachother in the world - memepool of religious ideas and thoughts. There are however voices within the Islamitic world that are willing to set aside the old- religion that runs thru' the Ismalitic world_ for instance, in Iran, just heard on BBC- world, that an academic his death- sentence has to be suspended, because his theological approach/ ideas has value, although the streetprotest can also be the reason. The man states that each new generation has to re- interpretate the words of Islam at their covience and not blindly accept what their religious leaders subscribes.

    That comes close to what I defend, individualism ! The religious stronghold upon every affect of their society is in a way blockin' out personal identification. The ways by which Islam conducts its control doesn 't coincide anymore wih what it seen as globalisation and the world- wide web. What happened over the years in Europe with christianiy, secularition; is due to happen to the mainstream in Islam. Islam is seen here as the religion of those 90 % of people who practise its rituals.

    IMO, I can 't comprehend why the US/ Europe and others are trying to ignore ' alternative ' roots of explanation. The problem is more complex than just a few tugd trying to kill us. IMO, again the Islamitic world is in a kind of intellectual/ memetical trangression, and in many ways some are lacking the neurological ability to oppose the (e)affects of such turnover and try to proove a point by bombing us, but nevertheless Hume writes " religion is not rooted in reason, but in the heart. Will we ever hurt religion we must harm in the heart of the matter, the habits of the heart. "

    And that IMO, are memes !


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