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Date: Sun 17 Nov 2002 - 15:24:47 GMT

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    > > >The fact is that the real blame for the deaths is not the terrorist his
    > > >fault, the blame lies by the US government consequently staying
    > > >in areas where they don 't belong.

    Who decides who belongs where? The terrorists? If I remember right we were protecting Muslims from the invasion of Kuait and the attempted invasion of Saudi Arabia. We were invited there by those governments. Some people don't like us there, but they don't run the governments of those countries
    -- although they'd like to. I can't see where they have any more right to than the people who are actually running them.

    > > >Terrorism is equal placing bombs and setting up psychological
    > > >pressure.
    > >
    > > My philosophy is that people are responsible for their own actions.
    > > Therefore, they, themselves, are to blame for the damage they do to
    > > If I kill someone it's not G. W. Bush's fault unless he sent me out
    > > do it.
    >True, but nevertheless the terrorists use reverse- psychology, as long the
    >remains in the Middle- East, support Israel or attacks any ' Muslim '
    >terrorists will continu bombing and will continu put the blame on the US/
    >how much Americans will die in the process is of no concern.
    >And in their mind, even to be one American is enough to be ' blamed '.
    >And to the point that Bush would be blamed if you killed one, that is IMO
    >not true, internationals conventions state clearly that head of states can
    >'t be
    >prosecuted if their country were to be engaged in an armed conflict_ as
    >of course, to don 't conduct genocide.
    >Bush' / US aversion for the Den Hague tribunal can be seen in that light.

    What seems to be equally of no concern to the terrorists is how many other people besides Americans die in the process. People who are in no way involved in helping America keep Saddam out of Kuait and other Arab countries.

    > > The Muslim terrorists just don't understand the magnitude of the
    > > They don't realize that we're willing to sacrifice over 40,000 Americans
    > > year to keep our cars and the way of life they represent. If you count
    > > injured, it's over 100,000. The losses at the WTC were a drop in the
    > > by comparison. If 40 thousand deaths a year won't make us change our
    > > the puny efforts of a few bombings aren't going to do it. They are just
    > > small increase in the number of accidents we are willing to put up with.
    >Oh but they do, Grant, they do ! Be sure of that !
    >Thet don 't have a " problem " with you though, they just want you out !
    >That' s all !

    No, that's not all. They want American culture out. They want our movies and our business practices and our ideas of freedom out of their countries. And they only way they can see to do that is to drive us out and make our culture criminal in the lands they occupy.

    >The problems lies within you_ that there are people willing to sacrifice/
    >willing to kill innocent Americans to get to their goals.
    >As long the US don 't see/ don 't understand, is willing to comprehend
    >that their support/ their committent jeapardizes other fractions their
    >existence, you gonna stay in trouble.

    Yes, the problem do lie within us. It lies within the way we are creating the 21st century and a global economy that reaches out to everyone on the planet while they want to keep the world in the 14th century. We can't turn back time and evolution just for them. I suspect most muslims would rather participate in the new global culture but the people who control their religion are threatened by it. They can't participate if their government makes it a crime to do so and punishes people who do.

    >Out of what is deep inbedded in the American way of how memes/
    >genes are shaped by nature, the American people, or could we say,
    >the American (foreign) politics within the urge is there to ' help '.
    >Of course, by definition help is extensible and what goes for the former
    >can 't be done for the latter.
    >But you have to understand that whatever you do, there will be always
    >a third party involved which will be never keen on yours or any else its
    >precence for that matter.
    >You live in complete different worlds !
    >And in short, for the traffic example, 40.000 death or more, you ain 't
    >gonna change your ways !
    >This is again that psychological- deathlock mechanism that politics
    >uses to get you drive slower- this is memetic engineering per sť !
    >They try to get a meme inside your head which, they hope, will alter
    >the memes present there, and we all know how difficult that can be!

    Are you claiming that 40,000 people don't die in traffic accidents every year in America? Or that 100,000 don't get injured? And the figures the government releases is just propaganda to make us drive slower? I might believe you if the carnage on our highways wasn't accompanied by vivid pictures every day on TV. It doesn't seem reasonable that we could lose that many people and not be changed by it. But during the Vietnam war, we lost more people in traffic accidents than we did in Vietnam. It's part of our way of life. The obituaries are in the newspapers every day. The pictures of crashed cars are on the front pages of our newspapers. The insurance companies print the statistics of the claims they have to pay out.
      The evidece is there for everyone to see.



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