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    > I hope it doesn't come to that, but it looks more like that is where we're
    > headed every day. The Muslim countries are becoming more religious every
    > day rather than more secular. If that trend continues, Israel may repeat
    > itself on a worldwide basis. All Muslims will suffer for the actions of a
    > few. And many Europeans and Americans will suffer along with them. You
    > see the governments of Western countries getting antsy already.


    European countries are willing to listen ! Just watch and see what the future will bring if ever the US will engage a war on Iraq ! Watch what will happen in Turkey, where now a moderate/ Islamitic government will be installed ! Will they give access to the US- air force to use their airfields in order to attack ' brothers ' !? Turkey wants to join the EU, therefor they are obliged to retain our values and the life they represent, will they do it !? I sit down and watch !

    I did already mention this, the future of Muslims in Europe lies within a more
    ' European ' stance on Islam. A kind of mixture of Islam and West- European values. On the other hand, Islam is not A culture, there is no Islamitic culture as such, all is divided in groups and sub- groups all with different notions of rituals, practices, rights, etc, where, in the US and Europe voices are heard that we indeed have A culture, that one and the same red shred connects us all ! And there comes the notion of religion in sight, underneath our ' normal ' thinking pathways, still religious lineages are present and this, IMO, con- nects US and Europe as one whole togehter whereas the Islamitic world stands divided in Islam. Of course, in every different thread of Islam, 5 points remain the same, but each seperate group/ sub- group fills in its own blanks, where in US/ Europe we have, christiany per sé, protestantism, and orthodox_ in ritual/ practice not that different from eachother. If you were to be that different you will be called a sekt and be expelled ! Simply really !

    s the CIA, FBI, INS, local police
    > forces, etc., etc. People will no longer want to rent or sell to Muslims
    > because they will be afraid of what it will do to property values. All
    > banks accounts with Muslim names will be scrutinized more closely and
    > if there is any doubt about where the money came from or where it might be
    > going.

    But that were ain 't things that started after 9/ 11 ! Those things were already present at least in my society, people are afraid, are xenophobic for all what is different, its memetic !

    > It's unAmerican, but so is Islam. We can't tell who in that group are our
    > friends and who are our enemies. It will be like WWII when the Japanese
    > joined the military were sent to war in Europe and had to fight twice as
    > hard as other Americans just to prove their loyalty. Nobody trusted them
    > fight in the Pacific. Only after the defeat of Japan were they grudgingly
    > accepted back into our society.

    Can we trust a guy, like Jamad here in Belgium, who is claiming for the rights of the Islamitic/ Marokkian minoriy, based on our own laws !? Can he claim that Arabic must be teached in public schools because our constitution states that pupils must be thought in their own native language
    !? Yes, he can ! Will be comply !? No ! Will we in trouble if we don 't found a solution !? Sure ! Do we think about a solution, no ! It is not something of our concern ! But the right- wing movement is already sharpin' its knives !

    > Even that sniper who turned Wash. D.C. on it's head had a Muslim name. I
    > guess he was a convert. But that will now be a danger sign that brings
    > greater scrutiny. Blacks who have adopted Muslim names will be treated
    > even greater prejudice. Society is reactionary in nature. The headlines
    > tell us what to fear and fear causes us to react irrationally. The more
    > terror we see directed at us the less rational we will react toward people
    > who have Muslim names or a Muslim appearance.

    Hé, after the Dutrouw affair, every father in the land was afraid to hug his kids, afraid that he would be seen as a paedophile ! Still the affair plays tricks on us, people react out of ignorance and complete ass- stupity, we're human ! We adapt !

    > Anyway, that's the way I see things going. What I don't see us doing is
    > changing our way of life to fit into the way of the Muslims.

    You don 't have to, that is just the point they 're after ! The bias I work with this is be ' workable indifferent ', just don 't care but care enough so that it works both ways ! That is also the point, Nietzsche and I will make, people have not the sufficient ( individual) mental strenght to comprehend what is happening around them One reason for that, IMO is that we are all raised in the realm of togetherness, collectiviness, groups... that is a mistake we must correct !


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