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Date: Sun 17 Nov 2002 - 06:10:07 GMT

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    >Subject: RE: The terrorism meme
    >Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 23:22:49 -0600
    > > Snip.........Joe>>
    > > >Would this include those who hope to murder their way into an eternal
    > > > position in Paradise, there to enjoy the perpetual ministrations of
    > > >seventy-two virgins?
    > > >>
    > > I am taking this to be a genuine question Joe, as opposed to a snide
    > > comment. IMHO nobody 'murders' their way into 'paradise', if the
    > > killing is not done in the pursuance of a - legitimised - Jihad,
    > > (which to the best of my knowledge does not exist between Islam and
    > > USAnia). In Islam the perpetrator of violent and or untimely death
    > > gets no free trip to paradise. Point two, there is some disputation as
    > > to the interpretation of the passage about the 72 virgins, UM... how
    > > to explain... It may well be that the martyr in Jihad gets a supply of
    > > sweet, white grapes - No doubt a great disappointment to some horny
    > > Moslem terrorists. But before we get too carried away with Moslem
    > > barbarity, remember that the universal promise to Christian soldiers
    > > to the Crusades and other wars sanctioned by Christian churches and
    > > governments, was free entry to Paradise. It is a way to get people to
    > > be willing to die for a cause. It is not a marker for civilisation.
    > > Can we get back to the memes at play here Joe? Jeremy
    > >
    >Remember that that Chriostian promise was proferred ive centuries
    >ago, and has long been abrogated and invalidated by the European
    >Enlightenment (which is why we do not have roving bands of Christian
    >fundies over here seeking to annihilate atheists and pagans with bombs
    >and guns), the equivalent of which has NOT been experienced in much
    >of the Muslim world; thus they continue to cleave to, and act upon, their
    >medieval memetic mindset. And that is, indeed, a MAJOR memetic
    Are we devoid of Christian fundie nutters? Hasn't the abortion issue spawned some questionable elements on the extreme edge of the pro-life end of the spectrum? What of the Branch Davidians? What symbol does the KKK burn on lawns?

    Yet, it does seem that Islam tends to breed extremist sentiment quite well in comparison.

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