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From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Sun 17 Nov 2002 - 05:00:50 GMT

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    >Would this include those who hope to murder their way into an eternal
    >position in Paradise, there to enjoy the perpetual ministrations of
    >seventy-two virgins?
    I am taking this to be a genuine question Joe, as opposed to a snide comment. IMHO nobody 'murders' their way into 'paradise', if the killing is not done in the pursuance of a - legitimised - Jihad, (which to the best of my knowledge does not exist between Islam and USAnia). In Islam the perpetrator of violent and or untimely death gets no free trip to paradise. Point two, there is some disputation as to the interpretation of the passage about the 72 virgins, UM... how to explain... It may well be that the martyr in Jihad gets a supply of sweet, white grapes - No doubt a great disappointment to some horny Moslem terrorists. But before we get too carried away with Moslem barbarity, remember that the universal promise to Christian soldiers to the Crusades and other wars sanctioned by Christian churches and governments, was free entry to Paradise. It is a way to get people to be willing to die for a cause. It is not a marker for civilisation. Can we get back to the memes at play here Joe? Jeremy

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