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Date: Sun 17 Nov 2002 - 03:56:27 GMT

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    >> Thanks for your views on this matter Joe, but I wasn't suggesting
    >> Communism as an alternative. Y'r not related to Mr McCarthy are you
    >> Joe? Jeremy
    >No, I am a second cousin of Morris Dees, who runs the Southern
    >Poverty Law Center that sued the KKK and the Christian Identity
    >movements out of all their assets. I am a social liberal (which the
    >republicans aren't), a fiscal conservative (which neither side is), and a
    >foreign policy realist (which either side who wishes to be elected in this
    >country in the forseeable future will have to be).
    >Now make a snide comment on that!

    Jeremy Appologies for any perception of snideness Joe. It was you who misconstrued my libertarian veiws as 'communist'.

    >BTW: what alternative WERE you suggesting, if any? Or were you just
    >being an anarchist Turgenevian Bazarov, who wished to tear everything
    >down without the slightest idea or care what would be rebuilt in its
    The trouble with cultures that are formed on a binary value system is that everything must be an either or finality. If we are to finally get out of this mess, it will probably be a solution from outsede of the 2 x 2 frame. IOW, of course I care and I don't even know what an anarchist Turgenevian Bazarov is. Jeremy

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