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From: Adam Conover (adam@tweebiscuit.net)
Date: Sun 17 Nov 2002 - 03:09:57 GMT

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    Hello all --

    I'm an undergraduate philosophy student at Bard College, and memetics is one of my primary interests. (More generally, I'm working on cognitive philosophy and philosophy of the mind.) I'm currently writing a paper on the philosophical validity and usefulness of memetics -- that is, I'm trying to present a conceptual rather than empirical argument for the idea. I'll be submitting it to undergraduate journals within the next few months.

    I don't know anyone who's studied the field, and since this is the only forum for the topic that I know of (I generally avoid usenet for serious discussion after some bad experiences on philosophy newsgroups), I thought I'd ask if there's anyone who wouldn't mind reading over my paper and giving me their thoughts. I'm poor at evaluating my own work, and I since I also have enough hubris to consider submitting it to JoM-EMIT, I'd like the opinion of a few readers who don't know me well enough to pull their punches and who I'm not specifically trying to impress.

    If it helps convince you, think of it as giving a burgeoning memeticist a hand up. Anyone interested?

    Thanks for your time, Adam Conover

    I blog at:

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