Re: The terrorism meme

From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Sat 16 Nov 2002 - 15:38:20 GMT

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    >The fact is that the real blame for the deaths is not the terrorist his
    >fault, the blame lies by the US government consequently staying
    >in areas where they don 't belong.
    >Terrorism is equal placing bombs and setting up psychological

    My philosophy is that people are responsible for their own actions. Therefore, they, themselves, are to blame for the damage they do to others. If I kill someone it's not G. W. Bush's fault unless he sent me out there to do it.

    The Muslim terrorists just don't understand the magnitude of the problem. They don't realize that we're willing to sacrifice over 40,000 Americans a year to keep our cars and the way of life they represent. If you count the injured, it's over 100,000. The losses at the WTC were a drop in the bucket by comparison. If 40 thousand deaths a year won't make us change our ways, the puny efforts of a few bombings aren't going to do it. They are just a small increase in the number of accidents we are willing to put up with.



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