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Date: Sat 16 Nov 2002 - 14:40:20 GMT

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    > I call it mindless because I don't think they have any specific goal with
    > their terrorist acts other than to cause terror. I don't think they know
    > what purpose their acts are for. The only thing purposeful about them is
    > the diligence with which they carry out their missions. And the people
    > talking about are the Al Quaeda and their associates. I can't believe
    > they think bombing a disco is Bali is going to drive America out of Saudi
    > Arabia, for example -- or even out of Indonesia. If so, they are
    > stupid.


    Regardless the fact that in your mind they are all stupid, the people behind of the ones doing those acts are not ! It is not up to you to " believe ", they plan the bombings in order to set pressure on the American government, and thus in a way on to you too. But you are ' zero ' ( not hostile intented) the more bombings the more you, personal get will upset and the more you can pressure your govern- ment, but as long not one single relative, friend or one close to you will be killed you just gonna demonstrate like many others but nothing much will be changed.

    This can continu for years untill like with the Vietnam war, civiliens do get killed in clashes between police and demonstrators, than the time will be ripe for the government to take notice, untill than nothing will ever change ! The US will not give in to terrorism even that this means that a 100 or a 1000 Americans will die.

    The fact is that the real blame for the deaths is not the terrorist his fault, the blame lies by the US government consequently staying in areas where they don 't belong. Terrorism is equal placing bombs and setting up psychological pressure.

    A more subtle approach is seen here in Belgium, where cyclists and pedestrians get always priority in traffic- situations. I understand of course that we must be aware of their safety, but the legislation plays it on a more psychological level. As a car driver we are more alert for situations where we can jeapordize a cyclist his/ hers safety, but the majority of the
     drivers plays it to safely, their speed drops drastically_ in their mind " a meme " did set in, but the wrong one. Instead of driving safe with a loose touch, they drive now more restraint, they look everywhere for ' danger ahead '. They are becoming an additional hazzardness in that in the long term will cost human life.


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