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Date: Fri 15 Nov 2002 - 21:23:55 GMT

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    >> Don't you know that the Onion is a fabled
    >> satire magazine?
    >Joe knows this quite well, and not just as fable.

    Of course he does, Wade. I dare say the Onion is much better known than any of the individual people involved in the movement they Onionized in the well-written piece cited -- and that is the problem.

    Does any of us remember the name of the Israeli who entered a mosque with a machine gun and started shooting people? I don't, and I don't remember his picture, either, though I am sure that must have been published at the time. But I will never forget the photograph of Israelis holding candles and laying wreaths at his grave, as if he was a national hero.

    I would like to know who THOSE people were, what their family histories look like, and why they honour one person whose only claim to fame is as the madman who murdered many muslims in a mosque -- while those Islamic individuals, (for whatever reasons) were praying to the same deity their close Semitic cousins the Israelis hold sacred. (The same one most Americans claim to believe in, the one who listed "Thou Shalt Not Kill" a commandment, albeit one of lower priority than the first, [or first two, depending on your source]).

    Supposedly the US hypocritically targets Arab nations in the Middle East because of the oil there, but the US has vast energy reserves, including oil, as does Canada and other American nations, such as Venezuela and Ecuador. Others suppose that the entire US, well over 300 million people, is but a pawn in the hands of a few rich New York Jews. (I'm sure that's what the KKK thinks they are fighting against). Perhaps instead we should remember the Teutonic origins of so many (white) people in the US, something quite obvious from the genealogies of many famous Americans.

    It may just be anti-Semitism.

    Very high on my hypothetical list of people most likely to die in any serious war between Iraq and the US would be the entire population of the Semitic nations of the Middle East, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Kuwait, etc.
    (Not Iraq, nor Iran, with their large Aryan [Iranian, Irish], populations).

    I wish I could be more statistically accurate about this, but I would imagine from genetics alone that the many fair-haired Israelis with relatives in the US (and distant cousins in Germany) might contrive to be away visiting relatives in one of those countries when the most deadly attacks occur.

    Well, what do you think, Wade? Should I write this idea up for the Onion? Or for ConspiracyOfTheWeek.Com? Is there a KKK academic journal out there that might be interested in a well-footnoted serious presentation of the idea?

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