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From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Fri 15 Nov 2002 - 19:39:20 GMT

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    I call it mindless because I don't think they have any specific goal with their terrorist acts other than to cause terror. I don't think they know what purpose their acts are for. The only thing purposeful about them is the diligence with which they carry out their missions. And the people I'm talking about are the Al Quaeda and their associates. I can't believe that they think bombing a disco is Bali is going to drive America out of Saudi Arabia, for example -- or even out of Indonesia. If so, they are mindlessly stupid.

    >Purposes will depend on who you are talking about, as far as I can see.
    >There are many terrorist sources around the world: they have their
    >Have you read any of bin Laden's transcripts (at least, as publicly
    >available?). The latest one is available in today's NY Times. It will give
    >you a pretty good sense of his purpose.
    >But I still pose the question: why do YOU call it 'mindless terrorism'? Is
    >it because you can't conceive of a possible purpose that those who engage
    >it might have? Or is calling it 'mindless' simply a counter-meme?
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    > >Grant, why do you call it 'mindless terror'? It seems quite purposeful
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    >OK. What is it's purpose?
    >Bin Laden's Lament
    >America is
    >One frenchfry
    >at a time.

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