Re: More speculations on a post-Saddam Iraq

From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Fri 15 Nov 2002 - 10:50:41 GMT

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    >But we have to be willing to do the right thing, even if it's scary...
    But how do you know what 'right' is if you don't know what is 'true'? Don't you see that these notions are subjective? Why can you, of all people, not understand that there is no universal rightness meme? IMO what is 'right', for me, is a memetic construct. It is manufactured from the stuff of MY culture and what has influenced ME. We are all products of the interaction between our intellects and the influences which have been brought to bear on us. This is why I study traditional narratives, they give insights on the way specific memes form, are maintained and reproduce within a culture. If we don't make the attempt to view other cultures through their frames of reference we are like the blind men who attempt to describe an elephant by touching a single part (Indian folk tale). Jeremy

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