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Date: Fri 15 Nov 2002 - 07:46:03 GMT

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    At 01:45 PM 9/11/02 -0500, you wrote: SNIP...........(Wade)>
    >I _am_ talking about 'the teachings of Christ' as those _are_ his
    >(reported) words. They cannot be used to foment war.
    >What someone who _calls_ himself a Christian does or asserts or claims
    >is not even close to 'following the words of Christ'. That cruel deeds
    >are done in the _name_ of another is mundane. Following teachings,
    >however, requires some actual show of _following teachings_, and,
    >cruelty is not one of the treatments mentioned in the words of Christ.
    >Or the words of Buddha, for that matter. Or the words of Confucius. And
    >perhaps not in the words of other ethically philosophical leaders and
    >teachers, myriad as they are.
    >But the words of Allah/Yahweh/the Lord God, as reported in the Koran and
    >the Torah and the Old Testament?- oh yeah. Lots of cruelty, lots of
    >times. Followers of Yahweh are well cloaked in excuses for obliteration.
    >- Wade
    I don't know who recently said this ;~), but this is a bingo statement Wade. Oh, BTW, my use of the tilde in the smile face is not so much a meme but a more acurate representation of my funny nose. Jeremy

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