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    Just out of curiosity, I was wondering how many of the people on this list are familiar with this paper:


    MetaSystem Transitions, Memes, and Cybernetic Immortality

    Elan Moritz

    The Institute for Memetic Research PO Box 16327 Panama City, Florida, USA 32406-1327 email:

    version date: 8/29/93
    (c)-1993: all rights reserved untiljournal publication


    [ THIS IS PART 1 of 2 : Segmented to allow simpler e-mail /ftp access. This is the manuscript version of a paper submitted to the Journal "World Futures" for the special issue on Metasystem Transition Theory. For details on this issue and the Principia Cybernetic Project contact the special issue editors:

    Cliff Joslyn - Binghamton, USA Francis Heylighen - Valentin Turchin - CCNY, NY, USA

    Note that special symbols /tables may be slightly off in ASCII version].


    Abstract. Recently the Principia Cybernetica Project undertook a computer-based collaborative effort to develop a unified system of philosophy. The philosophy and its implementation are explicitly based on evolutionary principles of variation and natural selection (VNS) and a fundamental type of emergence called META-SYSTEM TRANSITION (MST) which increases the overall freedom and adaptivity of systems. MST, conceived and articulated by Turchin (1977, 1990), occurs when a control subsystem is replicated and integrated into a whole through a higher level VNS generated control subsystem. Turchin also originated and articulated the concepts of 'the will to immortality' and CYBERNETIC IMMORTALITY (CI). Heylighen used these to form a robust framework for CI contingent on immortal meme systems, metarational consciousness, and limitless knowledge. A possible direction of future evolution is the emergence of further levels of organization realized in
    'superbeing/metabeings'. The precise configuration of these 'beings' is still open; an aspect or totality of which may be viewed as 'cybernetic immortality' . In this paper, I review aspects of memes and MST as the basis for cybernetic immortality, discuss the potential for further MetaSystem Transitions in humans and human culture [trans-sapiens and trans-culture], generalized CI constructs and interactions between cybernetically immortal constructs. Finally, some reflections are offered concerning the role of CI constructs in future evolution and the evolution of the future.

    Entire paper can be viewed at:


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