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    A short excerpt from a long and most interesting interview-

    - Wade


    Chinua Achebe, An Interview Bradford Morrow

    MORROW: How do you feel about your work, looking at it as a whole?

    ACHEBE: Well, it's an effort to tell my own story. And I'm satisfied that at least I've broken through, been a pioneer, made a start. The performance itself is never as successful as the thought. That, of course, one has to live with. I'm sure this is true for every artist. The Igbo people have a proverb that tells of the difference between the vision and the achievement, and the achievement is never up to the vision. What the eye sees can never be reached by the stone the hand throws. The stone always falls short. I've learned to live with that. I don't make too much about it. The language of the dream is always superior to the language when you wake up and try to recapture the dream. One need not waste one's life lamenting that. One must be grateful for what one has achieved, and always try to do better, or at least try not to rest.

    MORROW: Well, I hope you dream long and tell many more stories, Chinua.

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