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Date: Thu 14 Nov 2002 - 14:58:45 GMT

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    On Thursday, November 14, 2002, at 09:05 , Vincent Campbell wrote:

    > Basically Levinson's argument is one of "soft" technological
    > determinism,
    > whereby information and communication technologies had major societal
    > consequences, but not necessarily ones intended or foreseen by the
    > inventors
    > of the technology

    This is also the argument of the performance-only model, as the intent of the performer (the technology of the inventor) is not necessarily forwarded by the actual performance (technology). There is no guarantee, regardless of rehearsal or skill, that any performance is ordained.

    > the
    > telephone was intended by Bell to be a device to help the hard of
    > hearing

    It would be interesting to find a list of such inventions moved askew from original intent. It is for this reason that IMHO deriving _intent_
    (and thus meaning) is futile, at core. The meaning mutates in performance, because of performance.

    - Wade

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