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From: Chris Taylor (
Date: Wed 13 Nov 2002 - 15:23:20 GMT

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    Thanks for being semi-positive. Obviously this is very vague and general
    (therefore is bound to generate some issues) but I do think a useful effort we could make here (i.e. something not being done elsewhere) is to work out how memes might 'plug in' to the old flesh machines).

    The reuse thing is astounding - I saw one the other day on a geek channel where the little girl had a literal hemispherectomy and recovered to almost normality (you couldn't tell without testing); of course at the level of gross anatomy everything is duplicated bilaterally anyway so maybe it's not such a surprise...

    I take the point about the functional assignments being flexible, but I think we can still say that the 'cognitive' memetic stuff happens in frontal and prefrontal (neo)cortex (I typed Eno cortex then - the album that never was). And therefore the question we need to address is what the chain of events is (in as much detail as we can manage) from thought to deed and back again.

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