Re: Post-Saddam Iraq?

From: Chris Taylor (
Date: Wed 13 Nov 2002 - 12:06:52 GMT

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    Bruce Howlett wrote:
    > Just a word before Mr Edmonds kills off this thread. I recently had the
    > great pleasure of having a 30 minute conversation with a cab driver who
    > is from Iraq. He assured me that life in Iraq is very very difficult
    > under the current dictatorship, and that 100% of the population would
    > welcome external intervention in establishing a new political system in
    > their country. I was shocked as I had started to lean towards the
    > non-interventionist camp. It is a bit different when you get this sort
    > of information first hand.

    Yeah but what do you get - Kurdish state in the north knackering Turkey, Iran etc etc and god knows what in the south. That's why we stopped in Gulf War 1 - out of the frying pan...

    This is memetics because the US is about to displace one whole structure and it will be interesting to see the meme-ecological knock-on of such a mass extinction analogue.

    The Iraqi guy in our lab hates Saddham (obviously) but is anti invasion; partly because of what might come after, mostly because he doesn't want his fellow citizens killed in large numbers for some spurious chest-beating US-domestic-politics-driven exercise in keepin the MI complex in a job, and Bush's economic idiocy off the front page.

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