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From: Wade Smith (
Date: Tue 12 Nov 2002 - 20:41:37 GMT

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    On Tuesday, November 12, 2002, at 03:10 , Lawrence DeBivort wrote:

    > What is a 'memetic church'???
    > Is it something that is of interest, from a technical memetic PoV?

    Well, I perhaps spoke too soon, so here is the scoop from the site itself-

    - Wade


    Goal Virus was originally created to compete with the traditional
    (irrational) religions in the human ideosphere with the idea that it would introduce and propagate memes which would ensure the survival and evolution of our species. The main advantage conferred upon adherents is Virus provides a conceptual framework for leading a truly meaningful life and attaining immortality without resorting to mystical delusions.

    Overview Virus is a collection of mutually-supporting ideas (a meme-complex) encompassing philosophy, science, technology, politics, and religion. The core ideas are based on evolution and memetics because one of the primary design goals was survivability through adaptation (religions die, not because they grow old, but because they become obsolete). If a new religion is designed around the premise of continuously integrating better (more accurate, more useful) concepts while ensuring the survival of its believers, it could conceivably achieve true immortality.

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