Fw: virus: Joe Dees = death of the CoV

From: Douglas P. Wilson (dp-wilson@shaw.ca)
Date: Tue 12 Nov 2002 - 08:17:47 GMT

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    I engaged in exchanges like this, once, before http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CASAZoo/ was created.

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: "Dr Sebby" <drsebby@hotmail.com> To: <virus@lucifer.com> Sent: Monday, November 11, 2002 11:47 PM Subject: virus: Joe Dees = death of the CoV

    ...you Joe, have ruined it for everyone for the time being. i tried to give you time, i tried to forgive, i tried to wait it out, i tried to be patient.
      But it's been a while now and you have not stopped. you've effectively killed the CoV activity single-handedly through your persistant postings...which are either re-broadcasts of narrow partisan politics etc. or your own one-sided rants revolving around your military/political opinions. you have waited everyone out to the point where no one wants to even participate anymore. i never thought a thing possible, but you have...through single-handed insane persistance and a massive excess of free time; killed the CoV. I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. i thought i had an endless reserve of patience...but you seem to be entirely oblivious of your fanatacism's effect. people would rather let go than deal with your nutty degree of constant postings - your opinions are extremely predictable and involve pretty much zero self doubt regarding issues entirely fraught with disagreement.

    ...you have entirely betrayed the notions behind the CoV and I am going to do something about it now. i am absolutely sick of your selfish perogatives...youre narrow minded verbage, and your lack of concern for the health of the CoV.

    ...I Absolutely hate you now. you have ruined the CoV for so many, and you just dont give a fuck. youre just one long sentence of self-justification regardless of who or what opposes you...and since you seem to have endless hours of time to devote to your narrow-minded cause, you have recently become an enemy of the state essentially...the state being the CoV in this matter. youre views are one-sided, predictable like clockwork and pretty much boring at this point. but you keep going...you endlessly post a variety of shit that you read and find "great" because it agrees with what you think...you are no longer a thinker, you are now a subscriber...and you are entirely wrong to feel free to drag the CoV to its death based on your selfish personal preferences or opinions.

    ...There will be no correction of my opinion of you at this point. in the past i have begged you to check your course...you have not. i waited a long time...only to see the CoV disintegrate because of your fanaticism and insane time expenditure.

    ...for the sake of those of us who love the CoV, and princess Kristy who has its emblem forever painted onto her body, and those of us who plan to do the same; i must at this point, seek your dismissal.

    sincerely; DrSebby.

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