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Date: Mon 11 Nov 2002 - 20:32:13 GMT

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    > > Having experienced the tender mercies of Saddamic rule, the people of
    > > Iraq are desperate for a freer and less painful alternative, but the
    > > way to remove an absolute dictator is by assassination (not easy, since
    > > he moves between 50 palaces, has a dozen body doubles, and the is
    > > guarded by his extended family) or militarily. The problem with the
    > > Shah was his abuses using his secret police, SAVAK, which,
    > > unfortunately, the US helped to train. That is what gave Khomeini his
    > > opening. It's kinda hard to convince US-haters that the US isn't into
    > > that kinda thing any more since the Cold War ended, but it's true.
    >Now you' re saying that the US is fighting all of its battles with its
    >raised, that the preparations for the war against Iraq are tranparent, that
    >the US is openly showing what they got in mind !?
    >There has to be an opening in Saddams armour, there has to be one
    >or more Iraqi guys willing to kill him for at least one million dollar !?
    >On the other hand, I doubt that, knowing indeed his methodes and
    >knowing in what ways he is in control...
    Although its pretty much a given that action won't start until early next year because of the climate, I strongly doubt the military brass and intelligence community are going to telegraph their moves to anyone, American civilians or Iraqi officials alike. Matters of national security are NOT transparent matters. We can conjecture as to what the moves may be, but there's probably plenty of aces up the Pentagon's sleeves. That's just the way it is.

    If they screw up, they will be held accountable after the fact.

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