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Date: Mon 11 Nov 2002 - 17:33:17 GMT

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    > > > > Bush's cowboyish ifnya-don't-go-with-me-I'll-go-it-alone persona
    > > > > has served the cause of peace well. Without it, there would
    > > > > neither have benn a chance for a UN Iraqi resolution, nor would
    > > > > there be the slightest chance that Saddam would submit to its
    > > > > conditions. Bush has made the threat appear credible in the
    > > > > only way that it could be credible; by actually meaning it, and
    > > > > with many good and clearly enunciated reasons, and the fact that
    > > > > everyone knows he means it, and why, may be the only thing that
    > > > > does avoid war. It's in Saddam's court now.
    > > >
    > > > Joe, just an addition,
    > > >
    > > > Supposingly there are A- bombs, US made, on the Belgium soil. Now
    > > > think for one moment that I would get my hands on those things,
    > > > would Bush threat me with bombing my country if I don 't deliver
    > > > the goodies back to him !? He would as he would invade the
    > > > Netherlands if ever American soldiers were to be prosecuted before
    > > > the Den Hague tribunal !
    > > >
    > > > Come on, Joe, what game are we're playing here !?
    > > > Are we're attacking friendly nations now, or are we the Low
    > > > Countries suddenly part of the evil- axis !? The US is bullying
    > > > once again the world, don 't exept any pitty if it, once again
    > > > runs out control ! There was a program this evening on TV, evoking
    > > > that the US don 't need yet another war to proove its strenght !
    > > > Stay home before you get hurt... again !
    > > >
    > > > Be with us, or you are against us is fundamentalistic of the worst
    > > > kind !
    > > >
    > > Maximus bullus shittus!
    > > A despot who attempts to assassinate an ex-president of one's nation
    > > is NOT that nation's friend! A despot who pays a 25k bounty to
    > > families of Palestinian suicide bombers is not a friend to Middle
    > > East Peace! A despot who has invaded two neighboring countries
    > > during his reign, attempting to annex one of them, is not a peaceful
    > > ruler! A despot who has used chemical weapons on his nation's own
    > > people and those of neighboring countries is no friend of the people
    > > of either, nor is he to be trusted with nukes!
    > Ok, Joe, why is than the Middle East not taking control of the
    > situation and remove Saddam themselves !?
    Because Saddam has the largest military in the region, except for Iran, and is willing to use weapons that even Iran wouldn't contemplate.
    > Why is the US sticking his
    > fingers up in the Middle- East nose !?
    Because every time we disengage, the situation worsens and the entire world demands that we get involved again.
    > Israel with all its ability to
    > defeat their neighbours, as far I know of, didn 't even attempt to
    > kill Saddam !
    They did bomb Saddam's nuclear reactor in 1981, and a damn good thing they did, too; otherwise, the coalition might have faced nukes in the Gulf War. A nuclear Saddam cannot be risked.
    > Did the US or any other county ever made the suggestion to the
    > lifeguards of Saddam, or even relatives or ministers to kill him !?
    We have made it clear that we support regime change, however that might come about.
    > There is no record of such attempts, not even the slightest suggestion
    > !
    Because he has those around him cowering in fear. He regularly purges those around him, and any person who appears as though they might be gaining power or favor is executed, usually after massive and prolonged torture. Then Saddam watches tapes of the tortures while he eats his meals.
    >Like I said, there is a snag in this story, moreover the position of
    > where the US stands in its foreign politic is bullshit- they are that
    > despotative as Saddam can be
    Wrongo, boyo; the US gets out when the job is done (and sometimes TOO early), and its most actions have been to feed or free Muslims - in Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait and Afghanistan. You come off like a mindless anti-US memebot.
    >... the US wants to impose its so called
    > democratic ruling upon the world ! That is my stand !
    The definition of democracy is self-rule, therefore truly democratic countries are not ruled by other countries. Your stand is self- contradictory, ignorant and confused.
    > > And in NO IMAGINABLE WAY can such a vicious satrap be even
    > > remotely compared to Belgium or the netherlands; in fact, the very
    > > attempt is an object lesson in the Bad Analogy fallacy! Those
    > > clueless euro-idiots who are so memetically infected with the
    > > hate-US and hate-Bush meme that they would fear US power, the very
    > > power that liberated their nations twice in the past century and
    > > pulled their reluctant fat outta the fire in the Balkans, more than
    > > they would fear allowing a foreign-leader-assassinating,
    > > suicide-bomber-bounty- paying, weak-neighbor-annexing,
    > > mass-chemical-weapons-using megalomaniac, which is what
    > > Saddam-Hussein is, obtaining nuclear weapons in the most volatile
    > > geography on the globe, need to grow up and put in for a
    > > long-overdue wake-up call!
    > I agree on that Joe, but don 't patronize us, don't set us up with a
    > psychological conscience, we paid our debts ! But do you think it is
    > fair that Bush would invade Den Hague to free one of his freedom-
    > fighters !? In the name of the fight of freedom the US will unleach
    > yet another war !
    > And what happened in the Balkan -area I am not that proud myself,
    > about that believe me ! But again, memetical speaking, yes you 're
    > right, those euro- idiots were trapped in their own thinking lineages,
    > something I evocated a long time ago. That is the difference between
    > the US and Europe I suppose, we try to settle things with words, the
    > US with weapons. Historical biased, perhaps !? But nevertheless,
    > Europe is divided over supporting the US or not, IMO a signal that
    > even the view of the US is under scrunity...
    > Kenneth
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