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Date: Mon 11 Nov 2002 - 15:48:26 GMT

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    > You mean to tell me that their values are to embrace voiceless
    > oppression under a dictatorial despot (Saddam) or a hardline mullah
    > mafia (which the people of Iran are currently rebelling against)? I most
    > sincerely doubt it.
    > Democracy allows people both the freedom to choose for themselves
    > what they value, and the freedom to attain it, provided that their goal
    > does not interfere with the freedoms of other peoples. This is why
    > democracies get along reasonably well together. We may have to
    > educate people who have never experienced the freedom and voice
    > granted them in a participatory democracy in the use of such benefits,
    > but I have little doubt that they would come to appreciate it as much as
    > the Japanese, although, like the Japanese, the form their democracy
    > eventually will take will be influenced by their cultural values and
    > history.

    That is actually my point Joe ! How will the Iraqi people react on the sudden freedom the US so gently will provide !? Remerber, Joe, democracy has no foot under the table in Russia, yet, still most of the people linger to a hard/ authorative central control, what in a manner of speaking Putin is_ it is in their blood, condionated over the years ! The traditional Iraqi culture is wiped clean, their cultural heritage is since long gone and you gonna replace an empty cultural hole with something that we cling onto !?

    And yes, I am gonna tell that people embrace a despot like Saddam, they must, they have to ! Otherwise they would be killed ! You cling onto democracy and you gonna bomb Iraq to proove your point, is that it !? And yes, the Russian people embraced Stalin, and far more people than you realise are still doing it ! The Iraqi people and the Russians are in so a manner conditioned that they have not a single reaction left ! You have to re- learn, re-educate them the/ in basics of cultural/ social intercourse, something that completely is diseappered. Imposing the democratic highlights upon them after Saddam has been removed from power is perversive, you ain 't gonna give them any chance to develop their new born freedom/ culture on their own !

    And the same mechanism rules us, we got to impose democratic ruling upon those who lack it, that is in our blood ! But who says that is the right thing to do !?


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