RE: Islamic beliefs and their memetic sources

From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Mon 11 Nov 2002 - 02:51:57 GMT

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    >You have got to look behind the occasional headline, to the normal
    >and not look at single localities, but to the patterns that generally
    >as per my KKK example.
    >Salman Rushdie. This was about what was perceived as apostasy and death
    >(that doesn't make it right of course), and not ordinary slander. And it
    >was a local fatwa, not picked up by any of the rest of the Muslim world, if
    >I remember correctly. It was as if some local minister pronounced someone
    >sinful, but the rest of the church essentially ignores it. Not that Rushdie
    >would find much comfort in that, of course. But your point is intriguing,
    >and I'll ponder it a bit, and think about memetic drift and the memetic
    >origins of Islam law. And I agree that it is not a matter of people being
    >nice or friendly or not.
    >I will disagree with your assertion that 'an eye for an eye' runs
    >Islam (see the example of Salah Iddin [Saladin]] for some demonstration of
    >the point and his treatment of the Crusaders that he had defeated), but I
    >think you will have to dig a bit to persuade yourself that that may be the
    >case. Talking with Muslims directly may be the best way to do that....
    I've just read the complete code and found it bore little resemblance to the description of it by the Canadian Judge who summaraized it in the previous message. I'll try to send it to you as a file. It still has a lot of value and I need to find a discussion of the sharia to make a decent comparison.



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