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Date: Sun 10 Nov 2002 - 22:13:34 GMT

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    > > >"At the expense of Africa"? I am not following your logic.... What
    > > >resources did Africa contribute to the rebuilding of Germany (and the
    > > >of Europe?)?
    >Like I said, IIRC the Marshall - plan was aimed for Europe.
    >Europe was to re- built first with the possible economical help of the US,
    >Africa was completely left out of the picture... deliberately !
    >In one of the earlier threads I sended to this list, a year of so ago, I
    >mention this, same subject, different context.
    >For details, sorry, my mind is empty....
    >Anyone !?
    With all the ail wealth in Africa, why didn't the African countries rebuild Africa. South Africa managed to rebuild and Zimbabwe and Kenya. Why couldn't all the Muslim nations? It wasn't our money that was missing. It was the fact that the people governing those countries did a lousy job of it and they found ways to fritter away the money that oil and other resources brought in on wars and outright theft. How could we have prevented them from doing that?

    How could we have prevented Saddam Husein from building palaces all over Iraq while he claimed his people were starving. Why isn't his oil money going to feeding and educating his people rather than maintaining the biggest army in the region? If America and Europe step in, that may change.
      But the ony way it could have happened before was for the West to take over those countries and force a decent government on them. Something the whole remainder of the world would be up in arms about as they are now with Iraq and Afghanistan. You can lead a horse to water, as they say, but you can't make him drink.


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