Re: Post-Saddam Iraq?

From: Van oost Kenneth (
Date: Sun 10 Nov 2002 - 20:59:28 GMT

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    > If those countries are rebuilt as participatory democracies, any power
    > they accrue could be a positive counterbalance to the theocracies and
    > dictatorships in the area. Besides which, as I said before, the US has
    > seen the cost of NOT engaging in nation-building, and it is far greater
    > than the cost of engaging in it.

    Ah, that is the thing isn 't it ! Democracy ! Why do we have to impose OUR values and norms upon people who haven 't got the slighest idea of what we're talking about !?

    Like I said in the post to Grant about Russia, how do you think the Iraqi people will react upon their new born freedom, individuality and the re- location of their identity, of which we do not know anything ! How would you interconnect Islam, the religion into a democratic housing !? The Iraqi people, just like the Russians who ' believe ' in their country more than they rational understand it, is literally wiped clean of taking on any initative, their lives are literally destroyed by Saddam and by the sanctions imposed by us.


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