Re: Post-Saddam Iraq?

From: Van oost Kenneth (
Date: Sun 10 Nov 2002 - 20:37:07 GMT

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    > Bush's cowboyish ifnya-don't-go-with-me-I'll-go-it-alone persona has
    > served the cause of peace well. Without it, there would neither have
    > benn a chance for a UN Iraqi resolution, nor would there be the
    > slightest chance that Saddam would submit to its conditions. Bush has
    > made the threat appear credible in the only way that it could be
    > credible; by actually meaning it, and with many good and clearly
    > enunciated reasons, and the fact that everyone knows he means it, and
    > why, may be the only thing that does avoid war. It's in Saddam's court
    > now.

    Joe, just an addition,

    Supposingly there are A- bombs, US made, on the Belgium soil. Now think for one moment that I would get my hands on those things, would Bush threat me with bombing my country if I don 't deliver the goodies back to him !? He would as he would invade the Netherlands if ever American soldiers were to be prosecuted before the Den Hague tribunal !

    Come on, Joe, what game are we're playing here !? Are we're attacking friendly nations now, or are we the Low Countries suddenly part of the evil- axis !? The US is bullying once again the world, don 't exept any pitty if it, once again runs out control ! There was a program this evening on TV, evoking that the US don 't need yet another war to proove its strenght ! Stay home before you get hurt... again !

    Be with us, or you are against us is fundamentalistic of the worst kind !


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