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    > It really helped me when I was next sent to Taiwan and experienced another
    > culture clash. I was ready for it that time. I dove right in and started
    > trying to see beneath the surface immediately. It was an enjoyable
    > experience because I already had tools with which to cope with the shock
    > a new and completely different culture. I found the memes I picked up in
    > Japan and Korea transferable and the memes I brought with me from home
    > useful for dealing with two cultures at the same time. In the end, I felt
    > like a man of the world rather than a man locked into a single culture.
    > family, on the other hand, no longer understands me.

    Yes, that is the hing you ought to cling onto, open your heart and mind for the outer world- experience. One of the reasons why the people I work with are pleased to have me around is that kind of openness for any cultural/ social disposition. My work consist out of dealing with a lot of people out of foreign countries, I have no problems to set them at ease.



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