RE: Post-Saddam Iraq?

From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Sun 10 Nov 2002 - 15:56:17 GMT

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    >Greetings, Kenneth,
    >"At the expense of Africa"? I am not following your logic.... What
    >resources did Africa contribute to the rebuilding of Germany (and the rest
    >of Europe?)?
    >Best regards,
    We rebuilt Japan and Germany because we were a force of occupation at the time and we were trying to find a way to keep them from repeating a pattern of going to war with us every 25 to 30 years. That was not the case with Africa. When the war was over we just went home and left them to their own devices. We left it to the European countries to occupy that part of the world because they claimed sovereignty over much of it. America had no real interest other than as part of the oil market. We had no interest in rebuilding their countries. They had the money with which to do it themselves. Germany, on the other hand was destitute and Japan was in even worse shape. If we didn't help them get back on their feet, we would probably be having WWIII by now. As it is, we now have trusted allies who want to help us build a better world. I'd say that's a much better solution than the old conquer and occupy formula. We took our enemies and turned them into friends. It was a win-win formula from which everyone involved benefitted. We weren't in the same position in Africa.



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