Re: Post-Saddam Iraq?

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Date: Sun 10 Nov 2002 - 11:29:35 GMT

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    > The appearance of such articles signals that the question is being
    > considered; there will have to be nation-building and
    > the US knows that. Post-USSR Afghanistan and post-Gulf War Iraq
    > taught us that the US cannot conquer, cut and run to keep things on the
    > cheap, for (eventually) cheap it is not. The US will not repeat those
    > mistakes, for it full well knows their cost. Instead, it will look to its
    > successes in Japan and Germany for its model.

    Just a short intersect,

    Successes Joe !? Are talking about the funds that Japan and Germany had to come up with in order to pay their war- debts !? Or are you talking about the re- building of Japan and Germany at the expense of Dark Africa !? That was the original American plan, wasn 't it !? IIRC, Europe was to re- built at the expense of Africa and see what mess the continent is into ! At what price will the US succeed this time, South- America, Asia, Europe or will Bush try to get the funding from his own national reserves !?


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