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Date: Sun 10 Nov 2002 - 02:13:56 GMT

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    >The words of Christ is not Christianity, nor are they warfare.
    >The words of Einstein are not the atom bomb.
    >The words of neither started any war.
    >- Wade

    You're tilting against a straw horse. At no time did I say the words of Christ were warfare nor that the words of Einstein are an atom bomb. People were able to use the words of Christ (as they believed them to be) to justify the wars they waged and other people used the words of Albert Einstein to develop the atom bomb.

    Roosevelt heeded Einstein's words to set up the Manhattan project and the published words of Einstein gave the scientists who worked on the project many of the clues they needed to complete it. That doesn't mean that Einstein created the bomb nor that the words of Christ started any of the wars that were waged using him as justification.

    Think of the Conquistadors. They destroyed whole armies of American Indians in the name of the sword and the faith. They wiped out the cultures and religions of the Aztecs in Mexico, the Mayans in Central America, and any number of groups in the Philippines. The words of Christ had no hand in these wars of extinction other than to give the perpetrators a justification for the greed that drove them to mass slaughter. The Pope himself sent kings of Europe forth to recover the Holy Land and it was in the name of two religions that thousands died when the Moores invaded Spain and when the King and Queen of Spain drove them back out in 1492.

    We are still fighting "for God and country" if you listen to the justification the government gave us for invading Afghanistan. Which God do you think they're talking about and which religion do you think they're asking us to defend? It's not the words of Christ that are causing the war.
      It's the words of men asking us to defend a religious concept that started with the words of Christ and has been evolving for the 2,000 years since then.


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