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Date: Sat 09 Nov 2002 - 17:17:14 GMT

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    >>3. Is the stance of the U.S. on abortion, for example, the result of
    >>reason or religious fanaticism?
    >Maybe it's a deeply held belief about the purpose of fecundity. A wiccan
    >can be just as 'fanatic' over the sanctity of a human life as anyone else.
    >Some of the first known artifacts- social?, religious?, magical? (we do not
    >know the cultural, therefore the memetic, context)- are the so-called
    >'venus' maquettes, always of a pregnant female. Get into your head and
    >discover where _they_ came from, and your answer will be close.
    >- Wade
    I'd say it's more likely a way of showing they're holier than the rest of us and that's why we should follow them. People who want to spare the lives of little babies (fetuses) are doing God's work as espoused by Christ. I have no doubt the genuinely feel for the lost babies, but at the same time I have to ask what they are using their stance for. I protest abortion by not practicing it. I don't try to get the rest of the world to follow my example using extreme propaganda and condemning everyone who doesn't follow me. That's an example of using the philosophy of Christ to gain followers. The next question is what do you ask those followers to do besides not kill babies? What G. W. Bush is doing is asking us, because of his righteous example of goodness, to follow him into war.


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