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Date: Sat 09 Nov 2002 - 16:36:21 GMT

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    On Saturday, November 9, 2002, at 11:00 , Grant Callaghan wrote:

    > What you are calling individualism is not what I was talking about at
    > all. In the old days, when a man was cast out from his tribe to wander
    > in the desert (or the forest or the sea) it was considered a death
    > sentence. Without the help of other people, survival was extremely
    > difficult. It wasn't a matter of identity. It was a matter of not
    > having the mental and physical tools with which to survive in the
    > wilderness.

    And it was in this sense that I called bingo, as much as I enjoy the romanticism of hermits.

    It was in _your_ sense, Kenneth, that I forwarded the quote along about what cannot be taken away from us.

    - Wade

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