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Date: Sat 09 Nov 2002 - 09:06:57 GMT

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    Joe, have you ever visited Iraq?

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    The Iraqis are actually terrorized and oppressed as a people - that much is true. In Iraq we have a regime that is a danger both to its own people and to the peoples of surrounding nations - as the 15-0 UN Security Council resolution (including Syria) recently affirmed. Bosnia has no oil, nor does Kosovo, and we rescued them when Europe shirked the job and the UN condemned us - for saving Muslims from another fascist - Milosevic (currently undergoing war crimes prosecution in the hague - Saddam's destination, should he live to make it there). Iraq is chief among the offenders as far as WMD's go, for Saddam Hussein is unique among sitting rulers in having employed WMD's, both against neighboring nations and against ethnic undergroups in his own country. Remember that the US war would not be with the people of Iraq; they are chief among those who need rescuing from Saddam's regime, and like the Afghans under the Taliban, they would be most grateful for such a deliverance, and most will not resist their own liberation (they didn't resist much before, and the US didn't follow through in helping them, instead leaving them to Saddam's tender mercies - a shameful mark upon my country which I, and the Iraqis, would love to see rectified).

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