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From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Thu 07 Nov 2002 - 13:31:32 GMT

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    On 11/07/02 08:46, Vincent Campbell said this-

    >secrecy is fundamental to democratic communication

    Some forms of secrecy are fundamental to maintaining the status quo
    (since all true information is change), but, no, democracy, in a pure form (which we'll never see), depends upon the complete and unencumbered flow of information.

    As for what, precisely, 'democratic communication' would be, IMHO, that would emphatically be unfettered at all points. Almost stream of thought. Pure democratic communication would be practically telepathic in its completeness. Yes?

    There is no true democratic communication (following from no true democracy), but, for a possible example, we have the open communication in peer-related group therapeutic environments.

    The simple fact there is any power structure at all is a developer of non-expansive communication systems.

    Propaganda instantly follows.

    Art (for art's sake), is democratic communication.

    Patronized artistic expression is not. (Qualifiers abound, yes, as in all things.)

    - Wade

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