Re: Is the dancing over?

From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Thu 07 Nov 2002 - 06:15:02 GMT

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    >Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 21:39:31 -0600
    > > And I take major umbrage at your 'final solution'
    > > >canard; that's what Hitler was doing to the Jews. The only
    > > >belligerent who has gassed people in the present conflict is Saddam
    > > >Hussein.
    > >
    >The dancing is not over, because music is no longer banned. Anyone
    >can point out isolated and anecdotal incidents. They do not reflect the
    >overall picture, however some ideologically infected people may wish
    >them to. It reminds me of the people who were sorry that Palestinians
    >had not been massacred in Jenin, because it removed their ability to
    >condemn Israel for it.
    > >
    > > If umbtrage makes you feel better, take it. I had no intention of
    > > equating Saddam to the Jews or Hitler. I was talking about using war
    > > as a final solution to a political problem. You matched it in your
    > > head with something Hitler said, but it was not a match in my head. I
    > > meant killing someone is THE "final solution" to a problem. No matter
    > > who you do it to, it takes away all alternate solutions.
    What a strange thing to be reminded of. Are you perhaps Jewish or Palestinian? Everything you think of seems to lead you in that direction.


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