Re: Is the dancing over?

Date: Thu 07 Nov 2002 - 03:39:31 GMT

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    > And I take major umbrage at your 'final solution'
    > >canard; that's what Hitler was doing to the Jews. The only
    > >belligerent who has gassed people in the present conflict is Saddam
    > >Hussein.
    The dancing is not over, because music is no longer banned. Anyone can point out isolated and anecdotal incidents. They do not reflect the overall picture, however some ideologically infected people may wish them to. It reminds me of the people who were sorry that Palestinians had not been massacred in Jenin, because it removed their ability to condemn Israel for it.
    > If umbtrage makes you feel better, take it. I had no intention of
    > equating Saddam to the Jews or Hitler. I was talking about using war
    > as a final solution to a political problem. You matched it in your
    > head with something Hitler said, but it was not a match in my head. I
    > meant killing someone is THE "final solution" to a problem. No matter
    > who you do it to, it takes away all alternate solutions.

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